October Count Starts Thursday, Sept. 24th

October Count Attendance Window
Starts next THURSDAY (9/24/2015)!!
Parents and Students,
This is a very important announcement regarding October Count (September 24 – October 8) at Denver Online High School. Please read it closely so that we can ensure you are meeting expectations each and every day during the count window.
Most Colorado families with students enrolled in a public school understand the importance of the October Count period each year, but we would like to provide a brief overview. October Count is a 11-day period when schools are required to report student attendance in order to ensure that the school is adequately funded for the number of students being served. Per pupil funding through October Count determines the amount of money that can be spent on programs, curriculum, facilities, and most importantly, the amazing team who is here to support your student each and every day.
In order for a school to claim a student for October Count, we must be able to demonstrate:
Please understand that we are committed to supporting you and your child this year. We also want to ensure that students have consistent habits when it comes to attending school consistently and adequately each week. Over the next two weeks, members of our team will be contacting you and your student to ensure these habits are in place!
Thanks so much for your continued support! Have a great weekend!
Principal Ian Jones