April CSC Meeting Notes

Please see the DOHS Collaborative School Meeting notes for the April meeting, developed by Social Studies Teacher Jessica Kammerling.

Couple of Updates THIS Week:

4/28 Science Day @ Coors Field

4/29 Habitat for Humanity NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!

Start of MAPs testing

Check the Website for more updates!


Operational updates:

Summer enrollment hard stop at 300 students

projected carry forward $203,331 (20-25K spent on new lab)

Building improvements:

15 Dells/15 desks-new lab in current teacher collaboration room

Art room desks/chairs


Art Bell SPED retiring this year

need SPED 1.0 FTE

selection made by May 6


Programmatic updates:

curriculum planning:

DPS digital curriculum adoption -Edgenuity

NoRedInk-grammar instruction software

looking for other solutions


New Director of Competency-based learning Mark Menchau-DOHs venturing into competency based learning-get away from “seat time”


Testing updates – Target 90%

As of 4/26

CMAS ELA and Math (9) -80% 4 no-show, 3 opt-outs

PSAT (10) 59% 12 no-show, 8 opt-out

CMAS Science (11) 45% -14 no show, 8 opt-out

ACT (11) not tracked

MAPS (9-12) round 3 starting this week and every Monday. Connection days


Teacher Appreciation Week-next week


“The Denver Online Way” presentation highlights:

online school depends upon its people not curriculum

DO MORE-education, community, life

teachers don’t teach courses, teachers teach students.

engagement is the responsibility of every adult in the building

culture of high expectations

curriculum strategy: designed for common core

-Focus on college and career: concurrent enrollment, post-secondary coach, virtual homeroom, App day, Planning for Success

-Support for Student Engagement: measuring attendance, coordinated response, home visits, truancy filing, transition coordination


10 content area teachers-all teachers serve as virtual homeroom teacher

2 student advisors (2 counselors, 1 SPED)

2 Social Workers-attendance, social emotional support

Post-Secondary coach

-Parent programming: quarterly parent orientation-f2f and webinar, parent Schoology group, mid-semester parent conferences, advisor-parent contact, family events


Summer engagement:

Need ideas! What can we do for students to feel part of the community over the summer?


Thoughts: Facebook posts, Newsletter, outings, 16-17 Prep the school day, volunteer day-connected to fun activity-buy coffee, Elitches day, Ted-Ex Mile High, Comic Con