CSU GLOBAL Concurrent Enrollment Opportunity

Please see the message below from Counselor Casey Burton (casey_burton@dpsk12.org):

Denver Online is the only school in the state to offer online college classes with CSU Global; a 4 year online public university. However, in order to offer their classes, we need firm commitments from at least 5 students per class. You can take up to 2 classes at CSU Global next Fall as they run on an 8 week term. You can also attend another community college of your choice if you want to experience both. Below is a list of available courses for next Fall. If you are interested in taking any of these classes, please email Casey Burton (Casey_Burton@dpsk12.org) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with the Course(s) you’d like to take. If 5 or more people sign up for a class by May 8th, then we will be able to offer it next Fall.

Fall 2017 CSU Course Offerings
Composition I
Introduction to Human Development
Social & Behavioral Sciences
College Algebra
Introduction to Political Science