DIA TSA Job Opportunities

Please see the message below from TSA at the Denver International Airport:

(DEN) TSO PT Flyer Denver (apply thru 082917) 052517

This email is regarding part-time Transportation Security Officer (TSO) openings with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Denver International Airport.


Sharing information with your students about employment opportunities with the TSA not only helps us to staff an important role in public safety, but also exposes them to a rewarding career path they may not have considered before.


As your seniors are coming upon graduation, we wanted to remind them of current Transportation Security Officer (TSO) openings at Denver International Airport. These are part-time positions with a starting pay of $16.65/hour and include full federal benefits such as medical, dental, vacation, and retirement. No experience is required and the training is fully paid. A career as a TSO offers terrific advancement and relocation potential and is one of the best ways to gain experience with the federal government.


We would appreciate your help in providing your students with the attached updated flier. This includes details on pay rate, benefits, and options to apply. Important to note is they will be eligible to apply once they are 18 years of age and have graduated.


If you have any questions or suggestions of how we can work best with your graduating seniors, please contact Noelle Haggerty, Recruiter for TSA, at 571-599-5123 or noelle.haggerty@mailserver-hraccess.tsa.dhs.gov.


Kind regards,


Aakanksha Garg

Recruitment & Hiring

OHCAccess l Recruitment Strategy
Phone: 703.457.4911

Email: Aakanksha.Garg@mailserver-hraccess.tsa.dhs.gov