August DOHS Collaborative School Committee Notes

8/29/17 CSC Meeting Minutes:

3 Year Data Trends:


Map data: increase growth in higher number students than 2013-14. 2014-14 had twice as many scores as previous years combined

SAT-because of the switch we do not have comparison data

SAT- overall average 1033

PSAT- 955

about 70% of PSAT students on track for college and career readiness

Grade Rate:

drop out rate is growing-increase in difficulty and enrolled more students (data is delayed 1 year)

our area of focus is improving 7 yr grad rate; 4 year grade rate is difficult because of the nature of our school

Adequate Yearly Credit:

Preliminary is 26% of students earning at least 60 credits, not sure if this takes into summer school

This is a major challenge for us

summer school

65 courses completed

168 course available

38.6% success rate


Bess brought up a question about students that are not register for 60 credit hours as counting against us? (ex concurrent enrollment) balance of students of students who take more than average one year vs. another


Parent and student satisfaction survey-

work on low participation rate…

numbers have been holding pretty steady over the last couple of years for overall satisfaction (88% parents, and 94% students)



Last year:

met and exceeded MAPs targets for Math, Language Usage, and Reading

SPED  and ELL growth-don’t have all data yet.S o do not know if we made improvements on those gaps

did not meet response rate on satisfaction survey and ayc as of yet.


Improvement strategies: and career readiness-implement systemic approach to improving it

2. closing achievement gap with SPED, ELL, at-risk, etc.

3. great teacher and leaders-improve quality of curriculum implementation of teacher leader model

4. support whole child- establish systems and to promote culture at DOHS that supports the whole child, parents and entire community


Highlights of action step for college and career readiness

-improve adequate yearly credit!! leverage point for other issues

implement new grad requirements (incoming freshmen only) -major change is demonstration of competency

improve concurrent enrollment participation AND performance-way to monitor their grades better?

increase % of students participating in school assessments

data tracking-create tool for leading indicators for school performance framework so we can respond in real time. (ex adequate yearly credit)

increase teacher collaborative instructional time



Highlights of improvement strategy for achievement gaps

New math and English interventionist this year

work on at-risk deification and support using BESS survey (from district)



Highlights for great teachers and leaders action steps

-implementing teacher leader model

teachers getting more targeted professional development


Highlight whole child support action steps-

gap analysis of supports vs. student challenges

continue to improve homeroom course

continue to improve school physical space

increase senior connection days-2 per month

principal advisory committee-collecting feedback from students and respond to what they want. now working on peer mentoring program

work on academic and behavioral autonomy-teacher cohort working on that

looking for transportation equity options

develop student population map to help students who cannot make it into the building