Adolesco Youth Exchange Program: Due Date October 31st

ADOLESCO YOUTH EXCHANGE announce Application DUE DATE of October 31, 2017 for exchanges to France, Germany, and Spain.

Our flexible and affordable non-profit program of short term family-to-family exchanges for kids (between 9 and 18) is open to qualifying students in the US.


Unique!   Each child lives with their exchange partner’s family AND takes a turn to host (the kids are together in each country).

Who?  We match US kids between 9 and 18 with kids within a year of their ages for family-to-family language immersion and cultural exchanges.

When?Exactly WHEN and for HOW LONG depends on what the two families decide is best for them, they make these decisions together.

Where?Kids is the US are matched with kids and their families in France, Germany, or Spain.

How? Start your application by submitting the free Pre-Application (available here: We will send you the Full Application once we receive your Pre-Application. The Full Application consists of 5 documents that have to be completed, as well as references and an interview, so please allocate about four weeks to complete it in order to be considered for our program.

Process: The Adolesco Team will spend November 2018 doing “matchings” with our European families, and if we find a family we think will be a good match, we will announce it by early December 2018. You will have more than a year (including the summer of 2018 and/ or the summer of 2019) to travel and host.

Affordable! We charge a non-refundable $100 application fee PLUS a program cost of $1,600. Each family must also have Travelers’ Insurance (typically around $150), cover their own travel costs, and cover the cost for hosting as if their child is their own.


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Contact Marie Meyer, Exchange Coordinator for Colorado, Oregon, and Washington state at 303-913-4845/


Pictures: Adolesco logo; US kids on exchange to France (Anya and Isabelle); Germany (Alden and Benno); and Spain (Kahlil and Adrian).