DOHS Collaborative School Committee September Meeting Notes

Please see the notes below prepared by DOHS Social Studies Teacher, Jessica O’Neal, from the DOHS Collaborative School Committee from our September meeting:

9/26/17 CSC Notes:


Oct 2-Count Day

Oct 5th Attendance Mediation Workshop

Oct 9- parent teacher conferences

Oct 24-CSC

Oct 26-27 Teacher Work Days-Smedley closed


Financial Update:

enrollment and fall adjustment

242 students, approx. funding per student $4,500

117 returning students, 126 new students

Classes distributed more evenly this year(formerly heavy on 11th/12th graders)



Similar to last year student based budget (includes base allocation, subsidies, and previous carry over, etc.): 1,726,602

-Budget is healthy and allows for funding of building improvement projects



2 admin

2 operations staff (office manage, community development)

4 Student Services (Counselors, Social Workers)

15 teachers (2 interventionists)


Budget Breakdown:

51% teachers

15% student services

6% operations:

14% non-salary expenditures

14% admin


Operational cost highlights:

70K to concurrent enrollment

15 planning for success, graduation and concurrent enrollment scholarships

30k to summer school

10k for enrichment programs (ex: Art from Ashes)


Oct Count:

To be counted a student must:

  • have a complete student record (birth certification, immunization and residency forms)
  • be a resident of Colorado
  • affidavit of residency
  • utility bill
  • have an at least 3 or more classes per quarter
  • be activity participating and attending the online program



3 Windows:

  1. Sept 25-Oct 1
  2. Oct 2 (count Day)
  3. Oct 3-Oct 9

weekends count

Options for being Counted

  • option 1 student participation on Oct 2
  • participation in windows 1 AND 2
  • option 3 student participation prior window 1 and “active participation” through Oct 31

goal is to get them for all 3 windows


What is participation?

time stamped documentation of teacher-student communication, or course work


School process for October Count

  1. data pull from Schoology,
  2. staff makes contacts,
  3. report contacts in IC


Contingency plans:

goal is 100% of 242 counted

for students who do not attend during this time we start transition them out and connect them to other programs maintain a waitlist to replace those who have withdrawn

goal is to reduce drop out rate and connect them to transitions team and Colorado Youth for Change (drop-out prevention)

have a wait list to backfill for student who withdraw