Today is the LAST DAY of Student Count!

Woo hoo!! We made it!  Today is the last day of Student Count.  Please log into Schoology and turn in three assignments today for the last day of this critical time!
In order for Denver Online to claim a student for October Student Count, we must be able to demonstrate:
  • Residency in Colorado
    • The school requires all of our students to complete a residency form and submit a utility bill to the school. If you haven’t submitted this or are unsure of your status, please contact Secretary Julie Capp at 720-424-8281 or at
  • Schedule
    • All student schedules are submitted to the district and State.
  • Attendance
    • This is the most important part of October Student Count! Students MUST demonstrate active participation in the instructional program by not only logging into their courses, but also submitting assignments each and every day during this period of time (September 25 – October 9). We will be checking attendance every day during the count window. Students should plan to submit at least 4-6 lessons per day (at least 1 per course) during the count window.