Get a full year of college paid for! ASCENT Program: Application Due Dec. 15th

Please see the message below from Counselor Casey Burton about the ASCENT Program.

Seniors & Parents,

Are you interested in getting a full year of college paid for next year? If so, you are encouraged to apply for the ASCENT Program whereby DPS will pay your full tuition to attend any community college in your area. See below and the attached documents for more details.


To participate in ASCENT, high school seniors must do the following by the end of their senior year:

  • Apply by submitting ASCENT Agreement and Registration form by the December 15th deadline
  • Meet all DPS high school graduation requirements
  • Complete and pass 12 credit hours of Concurrent Enrollment college coursework prior to the end of their senior year (courses must be 100-level or higher and be on the student’s high school and college transcripts)
  • Have at least a 2.75 cumulative or overall high school GPA
  • Be college-ready as determined by SAT/ACT/ACCUPLACER subject scores and/or passing Concurrent Enrollment developmental education courses (CCR 092 and MAT 050 or 055)
  • Submit a one-page essay response and letter of support from a school and/or community leader (i.e. teacher, counselor, principal, pastor, mentor, coach, etc.) by Monday, March 5th


2018-2019 ASCENT participation:

The ASCENT Agreement and Registration (Intent) forms (see attached form) deadline is Friday, December 15th. Return of these forms guarantee that students are considered for 2018 -2019 ASCENT participation. Please scan and email all forms to and See attached “ASCENT One Pager-Application Process” handout for more information.


The ASCENT team is available to work with prospective ASCENT students and families with the college access process. For more information, contact me,, or

ASCENT Agreement and Registration Form_Word ASCENT One Pager-Application Process