Superintendent Parent Forum Notes

Please see the below notes prepared by DOHS Parent Jacque Riordon from the last Superintendent Parent Forum:

Opening remarks from Rachel Espiritu and Tom Boasberg



  • Provide a welcoming school environment
  • 15,000 Parent/Teacher Home Visits This year
  • Top Priorities

o   Culturally responsible education

o   Ensuring all cultures are represented in books, language and inclusive environment

o   Empowering school communities – each school is different and diverse

  • DPS Engagement Plan

o   Strengthen Pers

o   Support Families – 1st educators

o   Strengthen Family Voice

o   Strengthen partnership with city


Focus of this forum is on #2 – support families as 1st educators

Students whose parents are involved in their education have better grades and there is a higher likelihood they will graduate.


Introduction of Tameka Brigham, Chief Family & Community Engagement

Kids spend 80% of their time outside classroom, equip parents with resources

Center for family opportunity


Parent Panel

Tom Boasberg

Susana Cordova

Danielle Harris

Chris Ferris

Discussed their own instances of opportunity and action as children’s 1st educators, discussed advocating for their child(ren), and teaching children how to advocate for themselves


Breakout sessions



Spanish (Elementary and Secondary)


Panel discussions on what parents can do to be more effective as their child’s 1st educator.  Discussed strategies used to help them learn and be successful at school.