Opportunities for DOHS Students: Don’t miss out!

Taking in-person career courses through CEC

CEC (the Career Education Center) offers intensive career classes. These classes are a great way to learn about various careers, earn a bunch of high school credits, and get you out of the house. Classes include fashion design, welding, auto mechanics, fire science, teaching careers, CAD, video game design, culinary arts, and many more.


Check out more info about CEC and the list of classes at the following link: http://www.dosomethingreal.com/resources/career-courses/


Each CEC career class is worth 15 credits or 3 regular Denver Online classes.

If you do take one of these classes, you are expected to be in attendance at CEC 5 days a week, but you get to choose which session you will attend (Morning 7:25 – 9:55 a.m. or Afternoon 12:10 – 2:35 p.m.). You will be exempt from Connection Day if you take a CEC class.Busses run between most of the large high schools in the district and CEC.


Enrollment is first-come first-serve so the sooner you get signed up, the more likely you are to get the course and session you want.


If you are interested:

1.  Decide which course you would like to take and which session (morning or afternoon) you would prefer.

2. Email, call or see Nadia Coleman to sign up. You will need to provide this information:

Student Name:


Student Phone #:

Cell Phone #:

Career Course:

Session (a.m./p.m.)


Being an outdoor education leader at Balarat

Balarat is Denver Public School’s outdoor education facility. It is in the mountains outside Boulder. High school students lead groups of 5th graders as they explore the outdoors. As a high school leader you will attend a two-day training at the Balarat facility to learn how to be a great leader for 5th graders. Then you will spend 6 days (either 2 three-day trips or 3 two-day trips) in the mountains with 2-3 other high school leaders and a class of 5th graders. You also earn 5 credits for being a leader!


Training will be January 11-12 or 18-19. Both trainings are Thursday morning to Friday night, with an overnight at the Balarat facility in the mountains outside Boulder. The bus would pick you up at Smedley.

There are a ton of great things about this opportunity: Getting out of the city and spending some time in the mountains, being a role model and inspiring younger students, and even earning 5 credits toward graduation!


You can read more about the program here: http://balarat.dpsk12.org/programs-6/high-school-leadership/


If you are interested:

1.  Attend the information meeting tomorrow at noon or Thursday, Dec. 21 at 10:25.

2.  Send Nadia Coleman a Schoology message so I can add you to the Balarat Schoology group.


Learning to code through Silicon Stem Academy

Silicon Stem teaches students to code in the most popular and fastest growing computer languages. Students earn 5 credit for completing two 6 week sessions. Sessions include: Coding 101, Coding 201, Python Programming, and Java 101. Students attend virtual sessions with their classmates and teacher each week.


If you are interested:

1. Attend the information meeting on Friday at 10:25 (if you didn’t attend the last meeting).

2. Contact Nadia Coleman to add the class to your spring schedule.


Attention DOHS Writers, Journalists, Photographers, Artists: Consider joining the DOHS journalism and newspaper club!

DOHS is starting a new journalism club that will publish a online newspaper about current events, world affairs, sports and anything else you—and our readers—are interested in. We’ll learn from the pros, push each other to produce an award-winning newspaper, and have a lot of fun doing it.


This will be an opportunity for students of all grades interested in writing and photography to learn from real journalists and write real articles and produce photos that matter.


What this club is:

  • A journalism club for students who want to write real news articles and have them published in a real newspaper that is read by real people
  • A chance for all students to listen to guest speakers who have years of experience in journalism and photography, including several who have won Pulitzer prizes
  • A learning space where students are taught how to research topics they are passionate about, from world events to US politics to scientific discoveries, and craft meaningful and well-written articles and photos that tell stories and inspire action
  • A place for photographers and designers to hone their skills
  • A place to have fun and engaging conversations and discussions with like-minded peers about anything and everything that would be talked about in a normal news room!
  • Earn elective credit or credit in your English 2 class for participating


This is not your average school newspaper! This is a journalism club that will learn from brilliant and renowned journalists and write meaningful and real-world articles. If you are interested in writing or photography and journalism and looking for a place to learn, this is the place for you! Note that this will be an online publication (read by upwards of a thousand people) so physical attendance will not be required except for occasional meetings that will happen on connection days.


If you are interested, please send a Schoology message to Ms. Glynn and/or DOHS student Ryan Conklin. We’ll have our first meetings during the Dec. 14th and 15th Connection Days.