DOHS December Collaborative School Committee Notes

Please see the notes below prepared by Denver Online High School Teacher Jessica O’Neal for our December Collaborative School Committee:

12/12 CSC Notes


-Will have a Jan 18th Budget Meeting-may or may not replace Jan 30th meeting


Budget Process Deadlines:

Dec 15 preliminary enrollment projects

Jan 12-final project, determines budget

Jan 17-superintendednt budget call

Jan 18-csc budget review

Feb 9 budget finalized


Budget priorities:

-all students college and career ready (under revision)-adequate yearly credit is this year’s focus

academic calendar

school calendar

concurrent enrollment


-closing opportunity gap


-CSC suggestions-software support to make classes more accessible to a wider range of students
-finding a way to make Spanish speaking support for our families, particularly for communication?
-Ask/survey our students what is inhibiting their access/success


-great teachers and leaders

teacher leader collaboration

professional development

-more time for curriculum development?



-supporting the whole child

social workers

building culture and environment

CSC suggestion: expanding “freshman book camp? to other grades/formalizing it?


Planning for Success:

CSC Suggestions- for workshop ideas bring in/discuss coordinated programs w/ community college and universities
-providing schedule beforehand

- having recommended sessions by age group.

maybe splitting the college/career people split by grade/level so there is a different message–provides some difference for the families that attend every year?

Exploring more vocational apprenticeships and post-graduation options outside of college

offering breakout sessions in Spainish

splitting scholarship into those who are there and participated and one maybe being an essay contest? have the CSC (and SLT) judge the essay?