Complete Coursework for Student Count Days: 9/26-10/10

Today is the ninth day of the October Count window that runs through October 10th. October Student Count is a 2-week period when student attendance is counted for funding.  Per pupil funding through October Student Count determines the amount of money that can be spent on programs, curriculum, facilities, and most importantly, the amazing team who is here to support your student each and every day.  Therefore, Denver Online will be checking daily attendance and responding when students do not log in and complete assignments. It is very important that EVERY student log in and complete at least one assignment in each class in order to demonstrate their attendance. To be counted, the school must also have a copy of the student’s birth certificate, proof of residency (this must be a utility bill attached to the house of residence), and a completed Proof of Residency Affidavit.  Many students are missing at least one of these documents, so please check with Secretary Julie Capp ( or 720-424-8281) to see if you’re missing any of these forms.  You can email (to or fax (720-424-8279) any of these documents before October 1st.