Prodigy Coffee Apprenticeship Program-Training starts Jan. 29th

Prodigy Coffee is now taking applications for our next pre-apprenticeship training, starting January 29th.

This six day training includes:  $200 stipend, exciting sessions, an intro to specialty coffee, overview of Prodigy’s apprenticeship program, and consideration for 6-18 month apprenticeship

Who could be a good fit? 18-24 year olds who:

  • Want to try something new and different
  • Are disconnected from traditional school/work experiences
  • Want to learn, grow and contribute to something meaningful

What’s Prodigy?  Prodigy Coffee- More Than Meets the Eye

Questions? More details on our application page. (Link below) Or, get in touch with Brady- contact info below.

Prodigy Coffee Application


Brady Grant
Director of Education
Prodigy Ventures Inc
p: 309.370.5730