SparkFun Electronics CareerConnect Xplore Event: May 3rd

What: Ever heard of Raspberry Pi, Makey Makey or LillyPad? There are so many creative technology devices out there and Colorado has a company that makes them all. Come check out SparkFun on our next CareerConnect Xplore – Industry Exploration Event

Who: All DOHS students are welcome to attend! We can bring up to 12 students to visit SparkFun in Niwot, CO.

When: Friday, May 3rd.  We will leave Smedley campus at 1:00 pm and travel to SparkFun Electronics. We should be back at 4:00pm.

Where: SparkFun Electronics at 6333 Dry Creek Parkway in Niwot, CO.

Please RSVP here by May 2: