Family Satisfaction Survey-DOHS Parents/Guardians Please Complete ASAP!

How have you liked your time at Denver Online High School?
Have you loved it?! Have you loved the teachers and staff and the resources available for students? Or are there areas where our school needs to improve? Your feedback is so important. Not only does your opinion and your participation in this survey impact our school rating, but your feedback also allows us to see what we are doing well, while also highlighting areas that may need some improvement. We do genuinely use your feedback moving forward to enhance our program, and your participation and feedback from this survey is shown within our School Performance Rating.
Please log into your Parent Portal account to complete the survey.¬†There is no direct link for this survey as it is a completely anonymous survey. You must first log into your Parent Portal account (*Note: This is different than your Parent Schoology Account), and then once you’re logged in, you will find instructions in the top right hand corner about completing the survey. If you have never created a Parent Portal account before,¬†you can create a new account here.
We know it’s a bit inconvenient taking a few minutes to log in and take this survey. However, it is extremely important for our school so we kindly ask for your contribution in this meaningful task.
Thank you so much! Should you have any problems logging into your Parent Portal account or accessing the survey, please contact Community Development Coordinator Kaci Sintek at