Today is the LAST DAY of Student Count!

What: Student Count is the time of year when students are counted at each school in order to determine funding.  Students must make attendance daily during the 11 day count period in order to ensure they are counted for funding.  Student attendance during this time determines funding for the entire school, including funding for our faculty, programs, building, and materials.  All students should log into Schoology every day of Student Count (September 25th-October 9th) and complete at least 6 assignments daily, especially on the Official Count Day (Oct. 2nd).

Who: All students must log in daily during the count period, especially on Wednesday, October 2nd.  Parents should be helping keep students accountable and support them through this period as needed.

When: Student Count is September 25th-October 9th with the official Student Count Day being Wednesday, October 2nd.

Where: Students should log in to Schoology and complete at least 3 assignments daily during the Student Count period.