DOHS Fill the Bag Challenge-EXTENDED until Nov. 19th!

What: On October 29th, the Fill the Bag challenge will start, where all students at Connection Day will be given a bag to take home and fill.  The goal is to fill the bag with canned food and nonperishable items, and then bring it back to the school by November 15th.  The homeroom with the most items per student will win a Pizza Party.  All items donated through this challenge will go back to support our most in-need families inside of Denver Online High School.  Should you wish to be on the list of families that receive food from this canned food drive, please simply send our Social Worker Jaime Smith ( a quick message stating this by November 19th.  Collected food items will be given to deserving families, with some being used to keep our school food bank stocked.

Who:  All students and families highly encouraged to participate!  You can participate by either donating food or signing up to receive the donated food!

WhenThe Fill the Bag Challenge has been EXTENDED Until Nov. 19th so that students can bring in their canned food items on the last day Connection Day before Thanksgiving break!

Where: All students will receive a red bag to take home, fill up, and bring back to Smedley.  Please take those filled red bags to your homeroom.  Food bags from each homeroom will be collected and counted on November 19th.