DOHS Parent Support Group-Nov. 7th, 6pm

What: This is a time for Denver Online parents to connect and talk about the challenges, successes and wonderings when it comes to being a parent of a teenager. We will be joined again by a team of therapists from our friends at the Mental Health Center of Denver. This year, our group (with the help of our friends at MHCD) will focus on a variety of topics that will interest parents of any teenager including setting boundaries, executive skills, communication, accountability systems and other important topics surrounding supporting our young adults.

This group also provides an opportunity for Denver Online parents to form strong and lasting relationships with other parents who may be having similar experiences. The thing Principal Ian Jones values the most about these groups are the connections our parents are able to make with each other and the connection he is able to make with your family. Please understand that these monthly groups are for Denver Online parents ONLY and students are not welcome (sorry, students!). We also maintain a strict confidentiality rule as sometimes parents choose to share some sensitive stories and feelings.

We will do our best to order or plan for food for each meeting as we are aware that it takes place during dinner time! If you are interested in coming, please complete the form linked below! It’s so helpful when we know who is coming so we can plan in advance. I am also planning to purchase copies of a text that will coincide with some of our discussions around executive skills support and development, Smart but Scattered by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare.

Who: All DOHS parents encouraged to come!

When: Thursday, November 7, 2019 from 6:00-7:15 p.m.

Where: Smedley Learning Center (4250 Shoshone St, Denver, CO 80211)

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