Free Internet: Sign Up by Jan. 24th

Last Chance: Request Free Home Internet Access for Eligible High School Students

Home internet access can be an essential part of students’ education. Free hotspot (internet) access is now available to all eligible high school students through The 1 Million Project, a foundation affiliated with Sprint. The final deadline for hotspot requests this school year is Jan. 24. For more information on student eligibility, please read through all the information below.

Hotspot Access: Available to All DPS High Schools

Making internet access available to every student who needs it. 


Since 2017, students at 14 schools participating in the MyTech program received take-home Chromebooks for use throughout the school year. Eligible students were also given hotspots for internet access at home. In 2018-19, more than 350 students in those schools received hotspots to enable connectivity through their devices. 

This year, we are expanding hotspot access to all district-run DPS high schools. This tool will be free to all eligible students. 


Here’s how to request hotspots for your students: 

  1. Eligible parents/guardians must complete a hotspot agreement 
  2. Retain the documents at your school (six years)
  3. Designate a staff member to request hotspots on behalf of students 
  4. DoTS will order hotspots (Sept., Oct. and January)
  5. Activated hotspots will be shipped to your school 4 weeks after the order


The fine print


  • Hotspots are intended for students that do not have internet access at home and require it 


  • Hotspots will provide up to 10GB of data per month. This is enough to enable online research, project activity and other school work, but not enough to accommodate movies or other forms of data-intensive entertainment. 
  • Hotspots are not a household internet service. For more on home internet options, please refer to Offsite Access Guidance 
  • Disciplinary consequences for inappropriate hotspot use will be determined by the teachers and administrators at each school  
  • Free hotspots for Middle School students are currently only available at schools participating in MyTech, through a separate process and provider 


Hotspots are provided for free through Sprint’s The 1Million Project. 1MP’s mission is to help one million high school students who do not have reliable internet access at home reach their full potential by giving them mobile devices and free high-speed Internet access.