Become a Balarat Outdoor Education Student Leader!

Do you love kids and the outdoors? Have you ever wanted to be a camp counselor? If you have, being a Balarat Outdoor Education Leader is the opportunity for you!
Balarat is Denver Public School’s outdoor education facility. It is in the mountains outside Boulder. High school students lead groups of 5th graders as they explore the outdoors. As a high school leader you will attend a two-day training at the Balarat facility to learn how to be a great leader for 5th graders. Then you will spend 6 days (either 2 three-day trips or 3 two-day trips) in the mountains with 2-3 other high school leaders and a class of 5th graders.
The paperwork for participating in the Balarat Outdoor Education Program is attached. Please let me (Nadia Coleman) know if you are interested.
Training for participating this spring will be Thursday Jan. 23- Friday Jan. 24. Trainings are Thursday morning to Friday afternoon, with an overnight at the Balarat facility in the mountains outside Boulder. The bus will pick you up at Smedley.
There are a ton of great things about this opportunity: Getting out of the city and spending some time in the mountains, being a role model and inspiring younger students, and even earning 5 credits toward graduation! You can read more about the program here:
Submit the attached application to Nadia Coleman to participate: Balarat_application_with_medical_release