Concurrent Enrollment Registration for Fall 2020

Please find the note below from Counselor Casey Burton ( about signing up for Concurrent Enrollment Tuition-Free College Courses for Fall of next school year.

We’d like to encourage you all to consider taking a college class or two next Fall. Normally we would present this information to you in person during Connection or Grad Prep days, but given the current extended school closure, we wanted to make sure you got this information asap.

Please read the info in this message and contact Casey Burton or Nadia Coleman if you think this might be a good fit for you.

To complete the Process you need to do all of the following steps:

1)     Complete/Update ICAP (You will find directions in lesson 3.2 in your Advisement course)

2)     Complete Paperwork (Attached)

3)     Complete College Application*

4)     Take the Accuplacer*

5)     Choose Classes

  1. Use the Schedule Link for your college

                                                    i.     CCD Class Search Link:

                                                   ii.     Link is the same for all community colleges, just change PRODCCD to PRODACC, PRODFRCC, etc.

  1.  OR Schedule a Zoom Meeting with Nadia or Casey to choose classes together.

6)     Register for Classes at your College and attend Orientation

7)     Turn in the required paperwork to Casey or Nadia

*First Semester College Students Only


Deadline to complete all steps: Friday, May 8th

See the attached documents and info below for all the info you need to complete the registration process.



-This opportunity is open to ALL Denver Online students, everyone is welcome and encouraged to register for college classes, but to be eligible you MUST meet the college readiness benchmark on the Accuplacer test.

-Please Sign up for a Zoom Appointment here with Casey Burton or Nadia Coleman once you have completed your college application to set up a short meeting to go over the process and get course recommendations.

-The process is slightly different for each college, so please meet with Casey or Nadia first (by phone, Zoom or after DPS re-opens) to go over the details.

-Attached you will find all of the handouts you will need to complete the registration process

-The attached Concurrent Enrollment Agreement & Registration forms need to be completed and turned in by May 8thonce you are registered for spring classes

-The attached CSU Global Release is only required if you are going to take classes at CSU Global, if you are going to take classes at CSU Global, please just complete the 3 pages of paperwork for now and then email Nadia or I to set up a meeting (by phone, Zoom or after DPS re-opens).

Please contact me or Nadia if you have ANY Questions! We will be responding to messages during the extended Break but there may be a longer delay than the usual 24 hours.