Left Behind Workers Fund

Please see the below information from the DPS Office Family and Community Engagement.

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The Left Behind Workers Fund (LBWF) provides direct cash assistance in the amount of $1,000 to people living in Colorado who have experienced a loss or reduction in employment due to COVID-19 but have been ‘left behind’ by other support systems. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals who are undocumented, making it an incredibly unique and beneficial program capable of benefiting that population. LBWF has chosen to strategically partner with trusted community organizations, to help reach the qualified and in need families. Referrals through Family and Community Engagement should focus on Denver residents. Funding is not guaranteed due to the high demand, and families are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.


Who Can Apply

Applicants will qualify if they did not receive a stimulus check, they are not applying for unemployment benefits, and they lost income due to Covid. Up to three household members who lost income can apply. Please note, applicants will need to submit proof of lost income later in the process.


Referral System

  • All DPS staff can refer families interested in applying to the LBWF.
  • FACE Center Staff can complete applications ­­­with eligible EOC applicants during the EOC appointment.
  • Information on the LBWF can be shared during Personalized Engagement calls. FACE Center staff can directly support parents in completing. DPS staff should refer interested applicants to the FACE Center.
  • Interested applicants should call the FACE Centers at 720-424-2970 (SW) or 720-424-2961 (FNE). Please ask applicants to leave a detailed message that includes their name, phone number and that they are interested in applying for the Left Behind Workers Fund (Trabajadores Olvidados), and a FACE Center Staff will return the message within 48 hours.