Winter Extension for Students

IMPORTANT Message for Students:

In an effort to ensure ALL students are able to be successful, our team has designated December 19 – January 8 as the Winter Extension period for the first semester. During Winter Extension, students will have access to their first semester courses in order to facilitate grade improvement and unit/credit recovery. After January 8th, students will not be able to access their first semester courses. Teachers and staff will NOT be available for support, tutoring or questions between December 20 and January 4. Please know that teachers have been directed to unlock all assessments, provide all necessary instruction and identify all pathways by which students can pass the classes. All of this information can be found within the course or through the messaging system, if your student has been in communication regarding catching up. Should students indicate that they are “stuck” or “have a question,” they should not wait for a teacher response. Students should continue progressing in other areas of the course or in other courses until teachers return on January 4th. It is unlikely that they will receive communication from teachers during Winter Break.

If students have completed their courses and are happy with their grades, then the grades they receive on their report card over break will be finalized. Courses for second semester will open on January 6. Week one of the second semester will last two weeks to allow for the overlap with the Winter Extension and New Student Orientation that will take place January 6-8. All work for Week 1 of second semester will be due on January 17, 2021. This will give some students the opportunity for a head start and others the chance to finish up improving their grades!

Work hard this week and next to get those grades up and earn your credit this semester! The official end of the semester is Wednesday, December 16 at midnight! Everything submitted after that date will be included in your grade as part of the Winter Extension!