Conflict Center Internship! Apply by March 26th!

Please see the below information from the Conflict Center about a possible internship for students!  Apply by March 26th!
The Conflict Center located is located at 4140 Tejon St, Denver, CO 80211. I am reaching out to you in regard to a possible leadership opportunity for your high school students this spring. Here is an excerpt from our website describing the Youth Advisor internship, “Do you ever think, “They should have asked a young person for advice on how to make this worth my time!” Do you think you have what it takes to be that young person giving advice? We want you! Help us develop youth programming including our upcoming YOUth Leadership Academy summer camp” ( High school YOUth advisors will have the responsibility in either supporting the Conflict Center in curriculum/program development and feedback for our YOUth Leadership Academy Summer Camp this summer, participating in the YOUth Leadership Academy, or being an ongoing support/consultant for The Conflict Center. For more information about the three tiers of YOUth advisor responsibilities please visit,  We are looking for youth ages 15-17 to help create a more appealing, interesting, relevant, and engaging program for other youth.  Students who are; creative, consider themselves a leader, interested in communication, have strong language art skills, interested in developing programming, and are interested in working with middle school students are encouraged to apply! Students will begin working with the Conflict Center mid April of 2021 and commit to a year long PAID internship through Spring 2022. Through this link you will find a flyer advertising this internship in more detail; We want to hear their voices and utilize their brilliant minds in order to make our YOUth Leadership Academy more fulfilling for our middle school students. We value YOUth voices and are very interested in working with your high school students! If you could forward this email to anyone on the staff that would be interested in presenting this idea to students, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Benefits for your high school student becoming a YOUth advisor this spring for the Conflict Center include; receiving free training, letter of recommendations, working with a team of motivated youth, non-profit program development work experience, receiving mentorship from Conflict Center staff and interns, three different tiers of compensation, and the opportunity to join us  at the YOUth Leadership Academy Summer Camp this summer as youth counselors. As we are recruiting high school students to help us and we value their input, we want to offer a compensation opportunity. For more information please visit, Here you will find three tiers of compensation. Let’s not forget how awesome this would look on their resumes!

We, at The Conflict Center, believe the Youth Advisor Leadership internship would be a great opportunity for students to venture out into new experiences and utilize their brilliant minds to make change. We are very excited to begin working with our YOUth advisors and hearing what it is they have to say. If you could pass this information along to whomever it may concern that would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, are interested in working with The Conflict Center, or would like more information; feel free to email Rachel Protentis at or apply now at!