A note from Denver Online’s Principal

The Denver Online community is incredibly saddened by the violence that has occurred in our country over the last week and the past year, most recently the horrible attack on the AAPI community in Georgia and yesterday in Boulder, our own backyard. Our Denver Online community stands against violence and hate crimes, in ALL forms. We will work together, as a community, to ensure a safe and positive place for all of our students to thrive. We will make every effort to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and tools to combat the hatred that unfortunately exists in our country as they move into their adult lives.

We stand in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander students, our Black and Latinx students, our Middle Eastern and African students, our Indigenous students and those of European descent to condemn all forms of racism, hatred, violence, and xenophobia as our country continues to heal from the senseless acts we have witnessed in recent history. We will embrace the experiences, cultures, beliefs and lifestyles that make us unique, seeking understanding rather than conflict. We will work together, as a community, to help make things better for all of our students and, in the process, provide them a place to grow into the peaceful, productive and loving individuals we know they will be. There is no room for hate, no space for racism and no tolerance for violence in our community. We will work, as an educational community, to improve and continue to make our positive impact felt beyond the “walls” of our school.

Please take care of yourselves, your families, your friends and the others around you during such a challenging time. We are all here to support each other in our quest to be better, as a society. My hope for all of you during this time of so much sadness is that you always heal, grow and support each other. Should you need support, please know that you always have it at Denver Online. Be well, my friends.