Denver Online High School (DOHS) is a progressive online Denver Public School that provides motivated 9-12 grade students with flexible online and blended learning options. The school was created in 2003 and currently supports an average of 300 full time and part-time/supplemental students throughout the year. Our courses utilize Schoology, an online learning management system, and Zoom, a video conferencing system, that allow teachers and students to interact through a variety of communication mediums. Our motto is, “DO MORE,” because we believe that online education allows the time and location flexibility to pursue college, careers, community service, competitive sports, traveling, and so much more. Denver Online works diligently to connect students with tuition-free college courses, service learning activities, and special school events that foster a go-getting, community driven attitude.  Denver Online High School best serves high achieving students who desire a personalized education plan that enables them to break outside the walls of a traditional classroom and DO MORE.

Denver Online High School supports motivated learners with the opportunity to graduate, by providing flexible and personalized learning opportunities that are accessible at any time from a variety of locations and settings. We actively involve parents and the community in supporting learning experiences that prepare students for their future.

Denver Online High School will be recognized as a leader in 21st Century teaching and online learning that prepares and supports students to be lifelong learners ready for college, careers, citizenship, and life.