Performance Data

All Colorado schools are evaluated through a comprehensive system called the School Performance Framework (SPF).  Everything from state test scores, to parent and student satisfaction ratings, to graduation rates are all calculated into this school accreditation rating.  More specifically, the SPF is a publicly shared document that addresses school performance, growth, academic growth gaps, and post-secondary/workforce readiness.  Data collected from this system lays the foundation for the Unified Improvement Plan for developing/modifying data analysis, priority performance challenges, and major improvement strategies.

Blue-ribbonSchool Rating
Denver Online High School has earned its way into becoming a DISTINGUISHED BLUE school, an honorable achievement for any school, but especially for an online program.  Denver Online High School is one of seven DPS high schools to earn this rating, and it is the only school in the DPS Pathways Network to ever earn this rating.

What does the BLUE rating mean?
The blue rating means that Denver Online High School is exceeding district standards and has high ratings in either Academic Growth, Academic Proficiency, or both.  See more about the district ratings on the Denver Public School District’s School Performance Framework webpage. 

Category Averages from School Performance Framework Data

  • Academic Achievement: Exceeding
  • Post Secondary Readiness: Exceeding
  • Family and Student Engagement: Meeting
  • Academic Growth: Meeting