School Model

The Coronavirus Pandemic has turned everyone’s world upside down, including the education world.  While we previously operated primarily with a blended learning model, implementing both online and in-person instruction, Denver Online High School will operate as a fully online program during this 2020-21 school year.  Our ability to provide students with a personalized and flexible education affords us the opportunity to go fully online during this time in order to protect student health.

While we hope to offer in-building opportunities for students to engage in-person as the school year progresses, there will not be a requirement for students to participate. All student work, collaboration, and engagement with teachers will take place in the Schoology learning management system and Zoom virtual classrooms. While we understand that many schools are planning to re-enter their buildings in some capacity this year, Denver Online’s flexibility and personalized nature make it possible to operate intentionally online without risking student health. We feel that, with all of the uncertainty surrounding this pandemic, our safest bet is to forge ahead as the best online school community in the state of Colorado!

Online Courses

  • Each course has weekly folders.  These folders allow students to easily stay on track in courses by completing their weekly folder of assignments each week.
  • There is no canned curriculum and each course has been developed by our teachers and can be modified to meet each student’s particular needs.
  • Students can work at their own pace and on their own time. 


Live Sessions
In lieu of this shift to 100% online, we will be increasing the number of live virtual meetings provided to students each week:

  • Virtual Morning Mentor Meetings will be held on a daily basis at 10:00 a.m. These sessions are a REQUIRED part of attendance and will cover topics such as executive functioning, ICAP (individual career and academic planning) and social emotional well being.
  • Each day, following the morning meetings, students will be able to engage in Live Learning Sessions.  Students will get credit for attending these sessions in their online courses.  Students will engage in approximately one live class each day, based on their course schedule.  These virtual sessions will provide students with weekly overviews, collaborative activities, direct instruction, and an opportunity to complete assignments in their online courses.  We have constructed a predictable schedule where students can focus primarily on 1-2 subject areas per day to make schedules easy to manage.
  • Students will have access to their teachers during Virtual Office Hours that will all be scheduled between 2:00-3:00 p.m. each day.  This is an opportunity to drop-in and connect with teachers and ask questions as often as needed.
  • As we have always done, teachers will offer individual and small-group Targeted Tutoring Sessions to students who request them or if a teacher identifies areas in which he/she sees the student struggling.

There a few ways students can earn full attendance points for the week.  First, attendance will be taken on a daily basis during the Morning Mentor Meeting.  Students who are present for that meeting and complete assignments in their Schoology courses will have demonstrated that they have attended school on that day.  Second, a student can earn full attendance points for the week by simply maintaining a “C” or higher in all of their courses.  This enables students to earn full attendance points even if they are unable to log in to school each day.