Academic Tools

Denver Online High School uses three main academic tools to guide student learning: Schoology, Zoom, and our learning center .

SchoologyDenver Online's learning management system is Schoology
This program offers an interactive interface that gives teachers the ability to easily differentiate course instruction based on each student’s needs and interests.  In this program, attendance is dependent on a student’s ability to complete a week’s worth of work each week.

ZoomDenver Online uses Zoom video conferencing system for tutoring, some live class sessions, and meetings
This video conferencing system allows students and teachers to collaborate through live class sessions.  Teachers share their desktop in order to show videos, present PowerPoints, work through math problems, show science labs, and more! The school also utilizes Zoom for school meetings, such as the Collaborative School Committee meetings and other parent-involved committee meetings.

Smedley Learning CenterDenver Online has a learning center where students can work in the computer labs
The learning center provides a space for students to meet for Connection Days and Grad Prep Fridays.  During Connection Days and Grad Prep Fridays, students gain comradery with each other, check in with each of their teachers one-on-one, participate in service learning and college/career readiness activities, complete coursework, and more.