Independent Study

Independent study allows students to pursue special projects outside of the traditional courses at Denver Online HS.  For example, independent study also allows students to receive Physical Education credit for playing a sport.

Credit Hours

  • Students can earn up to 20 credits of Independent Study
  • Credit hours/project established by Counselor Casey Burton

Requirements to Receive Independent Study Credit

  • Complete the Independent Study Form
  • Complete a 3 page reflection essay
  • Provide evidence of your work and learning

    -For P.E. credit, provide documentation of playing your sport (e.g. copy of schedule with wins/losses, contact information and note from coach, completion of a full season/semester of the sport)
    -For all other classes, maintain a weekly blog about project and then create a capstone project that reflects work done and knowledge gained

Apply for Independent Study

  • Complete Independent Study Form
  • Return the Independent Study Application to Counselor Casey Burton (