Service Learning

Credit Hours

  • 180 service learning hours must be completed to receive credit
  • 180 service learning hours= 5 credits
  • A max of 20 service learning credits can be applied to graduation requirements

Types of Service Learning Activities

  • Volunteer work with an organization or business
  • Individually lead community service project
  • Unpaid internships

Ideas for Volunteer Opportunities


  • Service learning application must be approved before service learning begins
  • Students must be registered full-time with Denver Online High School
  • Student must create a portfolio that showcases volunteer experience
  • To receive credit, student must complete at least 180 hours of service learning
  • Student cannot be compensated for service learning work
  • Proselytizing with religious organizations will not be counted as service learning
  • Attending a training or other educational event will not be counted as service learning unless it leads directly to a service project
  • Court-mandated service work will not be counted as service learning

Apply for Service Learning Credit