National Honor Society
Club: Inductees are selected by their proven academic success and must meet the 3.0 minimum GPA requirement. This club meets regularly and leads community service projects throughout the year. Past projects have included creating food baskets for needy community members, participating in Habitat for Humanity, sorting food at the food bank, and more.
Contact: Counselor Casey Burton (

Gender Sexuality Alliance
Club: Denver Online’s GSA is dedicated to fostering a sense of community among LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and, well, everyone else!) students.  This group provides a safe space for students to meet, support each other, and address different issues depending on the interests of those involved.
Contact: Social Worker Jaime Smith (

Gaming Club
Club: The gaming club gets together to play board games and roll playing games. The club may also go on field trips together to places such as Comic Con.
Contact: Erica MacIntosh (

Book Club
Club: This club reads and discusses books together. Students are lead in discussion about what they’ve read, their opinions on book topics, and their likes and dislikes about the material.
Contact: Teacher Jennifer White (

Art Club
Club: The art club primarily works at creating art projects to be displayed at the Denver Online High School Art Show at the Denver Art Society that occurs towards the end of the school year.  Artwork has also been displayed at local businesses and organizations, such as the Cherry Bean Coffee Shop.
Contact: Teacher Elisa Narizhnaya (

DO MORE Leadership Team
Club: This leadership team helps promote the school and serve as the student voice when we have special guests, conference presentations, and more.  Team members will also give updates on their project to the Collaborative School Committee.
Contact: Principal Ian Jones (

2Performance Club
Club: If you’re interested in acting or anything drama related, this is the club for you!  The club will put on a play/musical and a talent show during the year.
Contact: Teacher Jennifer Carpenter (

Balarat Outdoor Education Program
Club: Balarat is Denver Public School’s outdoor education facility. It is in the mountains outside Boulder. High school students lead groups of 5th graders as they explore the outdoors. As a high school leader you will attend a two-day training at the Balarat facility to learn how to be a great leader for 5th graders. Then you will spend 6 days (either 2 three-day trips or 3 two-day trips) in the mountains with 2-3 other high school leaders and a class of 5th graders. You also earn 5 credits for being a leader!
Contact: Student Advisor Nadia Coleman (

Hiking Club
Club: This club will meet up to go on hikes and learn about hiking techniques and resources.
Contact: Special Education Teacher Ben Eisen (

Chess Club
Club: Love chess and want to practice your strategy and maybe even compete?!  Well this is the club for you!
Contact: Science Teacher Sue Nelson (

Anxiety Group
Club: Sometimes it’s good to have people to help you talk through some of life’s challenges.  This group will help with developing strategies for overcoming anxiety and our other big obstacles.
Contact: Social Worker Jaime Smith (

Pregnant and Parenting Group
Club: This group is for students who are expecting or who already have children of their own.  Moms and Dads will be able to meet up, share advice about raising kiddos, and connect with resources to help make things a bit easier.
Contact: Social Worker Florence Tracy (

Movie Club
Club: This club will meet most often during lunch on Connection Days and hang out and watch movies.
Contact: Assistant Principal Jennifer Wiebesiek ( will team up with the drama club to promote fun singing performances!