Collaborative School Committee


  • 4 parents, 2 teachers, 1 classified, 1 business employer or community representative, 2 students in high school, and 1 principal
  • Parents, teachers, classified, and students to be nominated and elected by peers


  • Meetings take place virtually or at Smedley (4250 Shoshone Street, Denver, CO 80211) from 6pm-7:30pm primarily on the last Tuesday of every month
  • Find CSC meeting notes here


  • Enhance student achievement and school climate in support of school and district goals through collaboration
  • Provide strategic direction in support of Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)
  • Be in compliance with state and federal law regulations of the Colorado Department of Education, applicable U.S. District Court orders, the District Affirmative Action plan, the DPS/DCTA Agreement, and other contracts and district mandates
  • Priorities

-Work collaboratively with the school community (principal, teachers, staff, students, parents, civic and business leaders, service and neighborhood representatives, and other community members)
-Focus on the Unified Improvement Plan as primary responsibilities
-Utilize Multiple Measures and align resources to support the UIP
-Provide guidance, evaluation and approval for the UIP, annual school budget, and staffing allocations provided by the district to ensure its alignment with the UIP
-Act as the School Improvement and Accountability Council (SIAC) for the building
-Establish relationships with parents, community members, an service and neighborhood organizations to increase involvement in the school and provide a forum for community input
-Participate in the principal-selection process
-Participate in the principal’s annual evaluation as it relates to the CSC
-Review, and when appropriate, approve discipline and safety procedures
-Revise the school calendar and/or schedule
-Make recommendations regarding any changes to the school design

  • Committee will NOT:

-Get involved in day-today operation of the school
-Be involved in issues relating to individuals (staff, students, parents)
-Be involved in personnel issues

Get Involved

  • Contact Ian Jones (  if you plan to come.  However, meetings are open to the public and do not require an RSVP for attendance.