Parent Volunteer Program

We have plenty of times where we could use some extra help around the school and in special activities.  Check through the following volunteer opportunities for the 2016-17 Academic School Year and contact Kaci Sintek ( to sign up.  Please read the Parent Volunteer Background Check Process to see if you need to complete either of the two following forms:

Children’s Hospital Volunteer Program
The goal of this program is to serve the patients of Children’s Hospital Colorado by doing two things: 1) create premade gifts/activities for patients, 2) volunteer at the hospital up to four times a year, leading arts/crafts activities in the waiting lobbies for patients and their families. Parent volunteers may help with any of the following needs: scheduling the events, purchasing arts/crafts products using the grant money allocated to the program, looking up creative arts/crafts ideas for gifts/activities, leading art parties to produce premade gifts/activities, chaperone/lead volunteer days at the hospital, and provide transportation for kids to/from the hospital on volunteer days.

Collaborative School Committee (CSC) Representative
The CSC serves to enhance student achievement and school climate through collaboration about the school’s budget, the direction of the Unified Improvement Plan, and other school processes. Parent volunteers would need to attend monthly meetings that primarily land on the evening (6pm-7pm) of the fourth Tuesday of each month. Representatives can attend in-person or virtually to the meetings.

Marketing Events
Our school is represented at multiple educational events throughout the year. Parent volunteers would work at the Denver Online High School booth, hand out flyers, and talk to people about the school.

Graduation Organization/Set Up
Graduation will take place tentatively on the evening of Thursday, May 25th, 2017. Parent volunteers would help with decorating/setting up for the event, cleaning up, welcoming guests, handing out programs, etc.

Planning for Success
Planning for Success is a large college and career readiness event set for Saturday, February 25th, 2017 that helps students prepare for state testing, get motivated about finding their passion, and prepare for college. The event hosts guest motivational speakers to talk to students, guest speakers to talk to our parents/families about specialty topics, and multiple college representatives for our college fair. Parent volunteers would help set up/ clean up, welcome guests, introduce and thank speakers on stage, and help as needed with event activities.

Superintendent Parent Forum Representative
The Denver Public School District hosts a Superintendent Parent Forum breakfast and dinner one day every month. Parent volunteer representatives would attend one of the events once a month and represent Denver Online High School there. Parent volunteers get the chance to meet the superintendent, share their voice, and then report back to the school on any important information.

Field Trip Chaperone
The school hosts monthly free field trips. Parent volunteers would help chaperone the event and potentially give rides if comfortable doing so.

NHS Induction
The National Honor Society has an induction ceremony every year. The event will be held on September 21st, 2016 at 5:3opm. Parent volunteers would help set up/clean-up for the event, help serve food, welcome guests, and complete any other event needs.

Giving rides to testing/special events
There are multiple events where students may need rides to. These may include rides to state testing sites, Planning for Success, volunteer activities, and more. Parent volunteers would give rides to students to and/or from the event.

School Parties
We have a Winter Holiday Party tentatively planned for December 2nd, 2016. Parent volunteers would help set up/take down for the event, help organize and/or lead event activities, and chaperone.

Child Care
We have a handful of students who are young parents. It is difficult for them to complete their studies while simultaneously watching over a little kid. Parent volunteers would work with these parents and babysit while students worked in the lab.