Recognition of DOHS Parent at Superintendent Parent Forum

amanda-gurrDPS recently recognized Denver Online HS parent, Amanda Gurr, for embodying the DPS shared core value of “Collaboration.”  Her nomination from Denver Online expressed the following:

As an online school, we struggle heavily with getting parents and students to participate in anything outside of the online realm. However, we have found that “connection” is one of the most important things we must fight for as a school. If students do not feel connected with each other or the school, they start to feel isolated, leading to decreased ambition to do anything, especially schoolwork. Therefore, we have worked diligently to provide multiple opportunities for students and their families to connect. However, with those opportunities come increased planning, setting up and taking down, and funding. For a small school with limited staffing, these extra events can be exceptionally difficult to take on.

After seeing this need, Amanda stepped in and joined our CSC. She consistently comes to our monthly meetings to offer her insight as a parent and thoughtful feedback on how we can move our school forward. To help us put on these extra events for our students, she actively volunteers her time to help set up, clean up, plan, and lead multiple events. For example, she was our single volunteer helping to prepare our National Honor Society Induction Ceremony for forty people; she helped find a DJ and then volunteered her time setting up for our first-ever holiday school dance; she helped sort, bag, and take canned food items from our school service project to the Denver Rescue Mission; and she plans to be a volunteer for other events coming up, such as graduation. She kindly and eagerly volunteers her time whenever we need her help.

Seeing that we also could use help with funding special events and activities, Amanda was also the leader of our King Soopers fundraiser. To date, we have raised $1,230 from this fundraiser to use towards special events.

Amanda is a parent who continually collaborates with our school and creates community by participating in, promoting, and helping fund activities for our students to actively connect with each other. We are incredibly grateful for her consistent and valuable support that she selflessly gives.