Technology Resources

Low cost technology resourcesInternet, computers, software, and computer training can be expensive!  The following are some great resources that make technology needs more affordable.

Free Libre Office Download
If you do not have Microsoft Office, Libre Office is an excellent free option.  You will need to go to the “Preferences” on a Mac or “Options” on a PC to change the settings for the program to save files as Microsoft format.  Once this is done, you would never know you were not using MS Office.  Please contact DOHS Tech Martha Wilcox ( should you have any questions.

Comcast Internet Essentials
Internet Essentials from Comcast offers low-cost Internet service, computer equipment, and free digital literacy training to families with at least one child eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program.

  • Fast home Internet for just $9.95 a month + tax
  • No price increases, no activation fees and no equipment rental fees
  • Optional computer available at initial enrollment for just $149.99 + tax
  • Access to free Internet training – online, in print and in person
Internet Essentials is available in all areas where Comcast offers Internet service. For additional information about Internet Essentials, including program eligibility criteria, please visit (English) or (Spanish).