Washington D.C. Trip

Denver Online High School offers trips being put together for students to have the opportunity of seeing, doing, and bringing the classroom to life. The Washington D.C. trip allows students to experience amazing places such as the U.S. Capitol Building, Mount Vernon, the Smithsonian Museums, and much more. The students are not only able to relate these places to the current curriculum, but also discover how they have helped shape our past, present, and future. This tour allows students to gain new perspectives not only of themselves but also the world around them. In addition, being a traveler in middle and high school makes students more competitive as college applicants and more likely to participate in other travel programs. Colleges and universities want to see students stretch themselves to experience different cultures and this trip helps them in doing so!

To Participate: Contact Social Studies Teacher Jessica Kammerling (Jessica_Kammerling@dpsk12.org).