Student Highlight: Luke Hansen


We all have wins we won’t forget.

Showing off his team’s victorious cheer, Denver Online High School freshman, Luke Hansen, recapped his favorite win of the season.

“I currently play for Colorado Rush, 16 Development Academy,” he said, practicing and competing roughly six days weekly and traveling out of state for games twice monthly.

“We travel to Texas a lot to play games, because the league we play in, it’s a national league. Our conference is in Colorado and Texas, so we play all of our games in Texas and home here.”

He also was chosen to play on the prestigious United States Soccer Under-16 Boys’ National Team, competing in both England and Italy.

“I’ve been playing on that team for probably about a year now and it consists of all the best players at my age group across the country, and you basically get called into that by getting scouted.”

Hundreds of scouts watched the defender do what he does best: “I love tackling people and denying people of goals.”

That honor didn’t come without hard work though.  The humble fifteen-year-old works extra hours off the field with a personal trainer to secure an advantage on the field.

“I’m not required, it’s just something I do.  Because it’s something that can set you apart from your teammates and can give you an edge when you’re playing.”

His rigorous schedule doesn’t exactly make it easy to be in a traditional brick-and-mortar high school.

“I came to an online school because I guess it’s more freedom.  I’m training so much, and I have so much on my plate.  I guess it’s just more time to rest, and I could manage my own schoolwork by myself.  I really enjoy it.  I like it a lot better than public school.  At public school, you find yourself doing a lot of busy work and a lot of worksheets.  But Denver online is more straightforward and to the point.”

Playing professional soccer is his ultimate goal, saying, “I have a dream team of FC Barcelona.  It’s the best team on the planet right now.”

And we say go for it!  Because we all have wins we won’t forget and Denver Online’s biggest accomplishments will always be helping students make their dreams a reality.