Smedley Closed: Monday, Feb. 18th and Tuesday, Feb. 19th

Denver Online will be CLOSED on Monday, February 18, and Tuesday, February 19 in observance of the the President’s Day holiday and a scheduled comp day in lieu of Planning for Success last week. This means that the Smedley Learning Center will be CLOSED and staff will not be responding to messages, grading or offering support until Wednesday, February 20. This also means that there will be no Connection Day for students on Tuesday.

Next week is a scheduled make-up week for students. This means that students should be looking in their courses for GOTO assignments and other ways to catch up. It is our goal that ALL students have completed all assignments through week 5/6 no later than Sunday, February 24. If you are behind, please take advantage of this time to get caught up in your courses! If you are on-track and passing all of your classes, please take this time for some self-care by relaxing, hanging with friends or engaging in some physical activity.

Have a wonderful weekend!