Genetics! RNA Bioscience Lecture Series: Register by May 19th

Are you interested in GENETICS? Here’s a chance to CONNECT with CU Med School Professors. Introducing the RNA Bioscience Lecture Series (Deadline to register Wed., May 19)

If you’re fascinated by genetics, we’ve got a number of slots for this exclusive program. Top college students apply for this internship (which for them includes lab work), and our most driven, curious high school students (YOU) will join them in Zoom lectures this year. CU Anschutz professors of genetics (all prominent) will be giving the lectures. Besides the free inspiration/education from eminent people, you get ACCESS to these people, and if your mind explodes with curiosity, we can help you ask them for research positions down the road. Here’s the RNA Bioscience website —

If YOU ARE INTERESTED, register in our Google Form HERE —