Health Fair: October 9th!

On October 9th, CEC Early College (near 26th & Federal) will be hosting a 9Health 365 Fair and we need your help getting the word out within our local community. 

Over the last 42 years, the 9Health 365 Fairs have helped over 2 million Coloradans affordably obtain invaluable and often life-saving health care information. The Fairs offer dozens of important health test and most $30 or less, making these tests even more affordable than they would normally be through even the best insurance plans.

Help us help our community stay healthy by getting the word out.

Here’s how you can help.

  1. FLYERS – Please send them out via your school’s communication tools such as Infinite Campus, the Flyer app, school newsletter, teacher emails, etc. Additionally, please post the flyers around your school, especially near the entrance. 
  2. CALENDAR – Please add the event to your school’s website calendar.
  3. FACEBOOK/TWITTER – Please post the attached images & video along with the copybelow to your school’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Please be sure to tag @9Health365 @DMHRotary @CECEarlyCollegeofDenver and @SafewayDenverCO1248 to help extend your post’s community reach.
    • COPY FOR SOCIAL MEDIA: 9Health Fairs are back and we’re ready to celebrate your good health! It’s more important than ever to get the facts on your personal risk factors! We have affordable preventive health screenings and free flu shots available for you. Come to the CEC Early College 9Health Fair on October 9th from 8am to Noon. Appointments are required. Register online TODAY:
  4. TEACHERS/STAFF – We want healthy teachers too!! Please share this valuable information with your teachers and staff.  Please post our Flyers in your break rooms, offices and teacher restrooms. 
  5. SPREAD THE WORD – Word of mouth can be a powerful tool. Please spread the word amongst your friends and peers and ask your students’ families to do the same.
  6. FREQUENCY – please share out this information through all your school’s communication channels and often – ideally once a week.