Upcoming Webinar: Transgender/Non-binary Allyship 101, Nov. 3rd

On November 3, Prevention Services is hosting our third installment of the Lunchtime Learning Webinar for the 21-22 school year. During this webinar, Levi Arithson Program Manager of LGBTQ+ Equity Initiatives at DPS will provide information about how to support transgender and non-binary youth. Please see below is for more information about the event. I have also attached a flyer. Please share this information with anyone who would benefit from attending this webinar. To learn more about our Lunch Time Learning Webinar Series, which will take place on the first Wednesday of every month at noon, visit: www.dpsprevention.org/webinars.

Upcoming Webinar: Transgender/Non-binary Allyship 101
November 3rd at 12:00 PM MST

There is no playbook on how to be a parent or caregiver. This sometimes becomes even more clear when a child comes out as transgender and/or non-binary. Parents and caregivers (including school staff, extend family, friends and anyone who loves and supports youth) can sometimes feel lost navigating complex and nuanced journeys around gender discovery. A child in transition can bring up a lot for adults: a range of questions, concerns, and emotions–from elation to fear and everything in-between. This talk will cover some high-level basics of supporting a child on a gender journey, dispel common misconceptions, and provide recommended resources as you travel this path with your student.  Register here.

Links:  here- https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_XHCgYcLwSZ-VEBxsdRLgkg