The DO MORE Motto

Denver Online’s motto is, “DO MORE.” We believe in the idea that completing courses online allows the time and location flexibility for our students to potentially do even more than students could at a strict-scheduled traditional school.

Online learning works best for self-disciplined and committed students. Many of our students are heavily involved in school or extracurricular activities. This type of student includes anything from competitive athletes that need flexibility in their school schedule to train and travel for competitions; to those who work, intern, or take college credits outside of high school to further their careers; to artistic students who perform in orchestras, modeling, or dancing. Self-motivated students are drawn to online learning as a flexible option that enables a way to complete school while pursuing external passions. So in essence, Denver Online’s students are not doing less than an average student at a brick and mortar school; they are actually able to do even more!

While there are many students who come to our school because of their involvement in extracurricular activities, we also know there are a variety of other cases that initiate the switch to online education. Many students with health challenges need a schooling option that works with frequent doctor visits, time in the hospital, or other incessant health obstacles; online education works exceptionally well in these circumstances. The ability to complete coursework around life’s unpredictable and chaotic obstacles minimizes stress and increases students’ ability to be better learners. In this case, students with health challenges exhibit the DO MORE attitude simply by demanding a quality education, despite health concerns that try and slow them down. Other students may come to online school after being bullied, struggling with confidence in a classroom, or being distracted by social pressures; virtual education also works well in these situations. These students are able to DO MORE than they would have at a traditional school simply by being able to focus on their education in a safe environment.

We push every student to find what moves them. We provide multiple pathways for students to get involved with activities and organizations that help them build connections, a purpose, and a plan. Whether it is through finding a CareerConnect pathway that allows them to complete an internship or apprenticeship, getting involved with a club, or getting a head start on college through our Concurrent Enrollment Program, Denver Online’s faculty work diligently to get students actively involved in their passions.

While there are a multitude of reasons students enroll in online education, our motto fits uniquely into the lives of each of our students. We can’t wait to see how Denver Online can help you DO MORE!