Why Denver Online?

Denver Online High School has a Meeting Expectations green rating


  • To pursue other goals like competitive sports, dance, internships, work, volunteer work, tuition-free college classes, and more!
  • To work at your own pace towards defined end dates
  • To work from anywhere or utilize our learning lab with computers and tutors available


  • Through a wonderful blend of both online and in-person support
  • Through a mentor program where each student is paired with a teacher mentor that continually connects with students to help them feel known, seen, and supported to find success in their life
  • Through personal education plans supervised by our guidance program that motivates students to set education goals and stick to them
  • Through small class sizes
  • Through a plethora of routes to a successful future, including opportunities for college, apprenticeship programs, entrepreneurship, internships, volunteer programs, and more
  • Curriculum developed by our teachers (not a canned curriculum!) that teachers are able to modify to better support student needs and interests