National Honor Society

Student Action Association
: This leadership team develops student connection by leading special activities, promoting club involvement, and taking an active role in promoting positive school culture.
Contact: Principal Ian Jones ( and Community Engagement Coordinator Kaci Sintek (

Pregnant and Parenting Group
Club: This group is for students who are expecting or who already have children of their own. Moms and Dads will be able to connect with each other and resources to help make things a bit easier.
Contact: Social Worker Florence Tracy ( and Social Worker Jaime Smith (

Game Club
Club: Game club will be a place for students to socialize and make connections while playing a variety of games. This will be a student-led group and will meet according to member schedules and interest.
Contact: Science Teacher Erica MacIntosh (

Jigsaw Puzzle Club
: Piecing together a jigsaw is a great way to combat stress, but it is also beneficial for your physical health too. By refocusing the mind away from negative and stressful thoughts, you decreases your cortisol and blood pressure levels, making both your body and mind healthy (Dr Newton, 2017). Researchers at Yale University found that giving people the opportunity to work together on solving puzzles allowed them to improve relationships and their abilities to cooperate to finish a task.
Contact: Science Teacher Susan Nelson (

Art from Ashes
: Art from Ashes leads poetry and creative workshops that are nothing like a traditional writing class. The focus is not on academics, but simply on expressing yourself and connecting with people. Students write poetry based on prompts and then share their work in front of their peers.
Contact: English Teacher Jessica Glynn (

GSA Club
Club: Denver Online’s GSA is dedicated to fostering a sense of community among LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and, well, everyone else!) students. This group provides a safe space for students to meet, support each other, and address different issues depending on the interests of those involved.
Contact: Social Worker Jaime Smith (

Denver Online Social Justice Activists
Club: Student voices are needed more than ever! This club is for students who want to make a difference in their community. We will start by researching a problem facing your community and then work towards an implementing a civic action project. Social studies credit is also offered if you participate!
Contact: Social Studies Teacher Jessica O’Neal ( and Site Assessment Leader Sarah Woodard (

Robots and Paintbrushes TSA Club
Club: Calling all techies and creatives! If you are interested in art, technology, coding, design, STEAM, or just generally creating things, you should join Robots and Paintbrushes! This is our school’s Technology Student Association (TSA) group.
Contact: Teacher Elisa Narizhnaya ( and Computer Science Teacher Justin Bale (

National Honor Society
Club: Inductees are selected by their proven academic success and must meet the 3.0 minimum GPA requirement. This club meets regularly and leads community service projects throughout the year. Past projects have included creating food baskets for needy community members, participating in Habitat for Humanity, sorting food at the food bank, and more.
Contact: Counselor Casey Burton ( and Community Engagement Coordinator Kaci Sintek (

Music Club
Club: Connect and chat with other DOHS musicians. Attend mini-music history, theory, and composition lessons. Collaborate virtually with other students in an optional, end-of-the year virtual band scramble.
Contact: Math Teacher Grace Montenegro (

Book Club
Club: This is a club where we can find books, share, discuss, and connect through them.
Contact: English Teacher Jennifer White (