Elisa Narizhnaya

CreativeConnect Teacher (Art/Design)

Elisa Narizhnaya



High School Teachers

Elisa Narizhnava earned Master’s Degree in Art Education from the College of New Rochelle and her Bachelor’s Degree from Pratt Institute in Communications Design with a focus in Illustration. Before coming to Denver Online, Elisa taught both fine and digital art classes from kindergarten up to twelfth grade. She has also worked as a freelance graphic artist/illustrator. While she was living in New York just prior to moving to Denver, she completed a two-year project with a client in Southeast Asia. With all of her communication with the client being online, she never actually met the client in-person until she visited the region about two years after the project began. She said her favorite part of working at Denver Online is that, “I enjoy both art and technology, and look forward to helping students improve or even discover hidden talents. I thrive on seeing that ‘aha!’ moment when a student creates something that they are proud of.” She loves learning new art techniques, about history, and new languages, already speaking Spanish and a bit of Russian. Prior to Elisa and her husband moving to Denver in 2013, they spent a year traveling around Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and India. She worked remotely as an illustrator while traveling and also visited schools, volunteered at an English language learning center for Tibetan refugees in India, and explored the local art scenes in various countries.