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Martha Wilcox



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Martha Wilcox completed her undergraduate work at Whittier College and graduate degree at UCLA. She left college as an art historian specializing in Egyptology, and then taught at the college level for 17 years. The colleges she taught at include Whittier, UCLA, University of Hawaii, and CSU. However, when she was introduced to computers in 1980, her career made a sudden change. Since 1982, she has been teaching computer classes to students from 5-years-old to 95-years-old. She absolutely loves computers and enjoys them as her profession and her hobby. In 2012, she retired from Denver Public Schools only to return to work part-time at Denver Online. Her favorite part of working at Denver Online is teaching kids while also being able to continually learn new things as a life-long learner. Besides computers, her other hobby is travel. She frequently goes to Rwanda and India where she helps schools with their technology programs.