Student Highlight: Kyler Garrison

kyler-play-now“My dad bought me my first skateboard on my tenth Birthday,” said Denver Online High School Senior, Kyler Garrison, and he has been skating ever since.

“I used to do a lot of competitions,” he said. “The one I was in was by Volcom, and I actually made it to the finals and went out to California for that.”

Kyler has now transitioned into making skate videos. “It’s just kind of fun working on a project, instead of just posting something on social media the same day you record something,” he said. “It’s definitely fun to put together a longer project that you’re going to be more proud of.”

The shop he works at, Emage, helps Kyler connect with other companies that pay him to travel to make new skate videos. He noted, “They normally play it on the t.v. in the shop.”

“I got sponsored by the skate shop when I was about thirteen, and he’s just given me a bunch of opportunities, like traveling and stuff like that,” the senior acknowledged about the owner of Emage, Brendan Reimers.

“We just like to hook up younger kids who are doing the right thing. You know skating well, getting good grades, just being good kids in general,” Brendan described.

“When I was sixteen, he ended up asking if I wanted to work there,” Kyler said. “And that worked out because I could do the work study for Denver Online and I could get credit for that, which was really cool.”

Kyler transitioned from a traditional brick and mortar school halfway through his sophomore year. He said, his “attendance wasn’t very great, and we looked into a couple different schools. My parents were kind of nervous about online school at first, but it ended up working out really well, and they’re pretty hyped on that.”

Especially when Kyler started taking advantage of tuition free college courses through Denver Online’s Concurrent Enrollment Program. “I’m definitely going to take advantage of the concurrent enrollment and the year after that I can continue with that to get as much college credit for free,” he said. He is set to participate in the CDE ASCENT program that allows students to earn a whole extra year of tuition-free college credit the year after they graduate high school. This allows students to roll, or jump, right into their future.