Connection Days

mr.-palomino-with-studentsConnection Days were built into Denver Online High School as a way to enhance each student’s overall education.  Students receive credit for attending their Connection Days in-person at Smedley Learning Center: 9th/10th graders meet once a week, 11th graders meet twice a month, and 12th graders meet once a month.  During these days, students are able to connect with their teachers, advisor, peers, and a plethora of opportunities.  Students can participate in credit-earning workshops, such as science experiments or the Art from Ashes walker-talking-to-college-reppoetry workshop.  The days also include college and career readiness events, like the College Application Day where college representatives help students complete college applications while waiving the application fee.  Denver Online High School also uses this time to participate in service learning projects.  For example, student teams work to organize and lead out multiple service projects with Children’s Hospital Colorado throughout the year.  Students receive credit for attending these Connection Days.  However, if outside obligations keep students from attending these in-person events, exemptions may be granted with differentiated coursework to make up participation points.